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Air quality and control are very important aspects for various industries and applications. Air filtration can be achieved using the right filter depending on the required filtering class. Air filtering can be applied to various sectors such as:

- Hospitals & Clinics

- Automotive Industry

- Food & Beverage Industry

- Pharmaceutical Industry etc.

Air filters ensure healthy indoor air by removing harmful fine dust including pollen, bacteria, yeast and moulds along with other organic and inorganic material. Air filters also serve to keep the air handling equipment itself clean and efficient.

Air purity requirements are continuously increasing. At the same time, the need to reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions is increasing, along with the pressure on costs. Thus, buildings are more and more restricted from natural ventilation making Energy-efficient mechanical ventilation with air filtration solutions more important than ever before


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air-filtration-indoor air quality-presentation

we have make a presentation for Air filtration and Indoor air quality with following topics:

  • Indoor & Outdoor Air Quality - Categories from WHO.
  • European New Standards for air filters
  • Choosing correct filters.
  • Eurovent Energy Efficiency classification
  • Covid-19 Industry Recommendations
  •  Air Purifiers & UV Lamps .

  • You can download the presentation here