Do you want to save money and be friendly to our environment?

Here are some tips to help you save energy and reduce your electricity and heating bills:

Tip no1: Change your lighting bulbs to Led. Even if you have economy lights in your house, is time to change to Led. The initial cost is very low these days, with Led lamps consuming about 50% less energy! They give better light, have longer life and they are friendly to the environment. On the other hand, if you still use the old type bulbs or halogen spotlights, then you are consuming 10 times more electricity compared to Led!!!!!

Tip no2: Install thermal insulation on your house. The best and most efficient way is to install it all over your building, but if this is not possible then you can at least install it on your roof! There are many simple ways to insulate your roof with excellent results. Besides, huge energy amount is being lost through uninsulated roofs!

Tip no3: Keep your heating equipment in good condition. Whatever system you have (gas boiler or oil boiler or heat pump etc), needs inspection and service from qualified personnel (at least once per year), in order to keep it working with high efficiency. If your equipment is very old, then you must consider to replace it with new high efficient one (e.g. condensing boilers)

Tip no4: Use Solar Lights for your outdoor needs. Gardens, pathways, garages, around your house, fences etc. Solar lights need no electricity, are very easy to install and the cost f purchase is very low.

Tip no5: Install a photovoltaic system (Net Metering). Is one of the best investments you can do today, as it gives back more than 20% (of your investment) per year (while the money cost today is around 5%). Now with the new scheme 2016, you can install up to 5KW system, providing around 8250 Kwhrs per year (in Cyprus).

So take advantage of the sun today!!!