By far the most energy efficient, the cleanest and most eco-friendly way of illumination is LED lighting, which is basically digital light and comes with a multitude of amazing benefits such as:HOUSE OF LED CATALOGUE


  • Energy efficient 
  • Long Lifetime 
  • Environmentally friendly 
  • Durable Quality
  • Zero UV Emissions
  • Operational in Extremely Cold or Hot Temperatures
  • Instant Lighting & Frequent Switching
  • Low-Voltage

Learn more about LED Lighting:


One of the best and easiest ways to save energy is to replace the existing lamps with LED, both at domestic or commercial applications. Nowadays LED lamps can replace all existing lamps, consuming less energy and therefore reducing the money you give out for the EAC bill.

LED lamps (Light-Emitting Diode) consist of diodes which when supplied voltage, traverse by the diode and emit light. Generally there are 3 main types of lamps: incandescent, economic (CFL), LED lamps and some other subcategories such as halogen lamps, etc.

Some advantages of LED lamps:

  • The biggest advantage of LED lamps is their low power consumption. A 100W incandescent lamp or an economical bulb CFL 22W can be replaced with LED lamp with power only 12W.

  • LED lamps have longer life than other types of lamps. For example, incandescent lamps have 1.200 hours of life; economic lamps have 8.000 hours of life while LED lamps have 35.000 to 50.000 hours of life, meaning that for operating an average of 8 hours per day, they can last up to 12 years.

  • LED lamps are environmentally friendly with ROHS certificate, unlike the economic ones that contain mercury which can be toxic.

There is a wide range of LED lamps, which can be used depending on the application and/ or the use required, such as light bulbs E27 / B22, spotlights GU10/MR16, tubes T5/T8, floods, portable floods, floods RGB (Red, Green, Blue change color), strip lights with color cool white/warm white/ RGB, down lights, candles E14, PL lamps etc.

Learn more about Solar Lighting:

Solar Lighting products can be used outdoor for lighting and decorating the garden, pavement, roof garden, pathways, parks etc, using zero energy consumption!


Solar Lights consist of a photovoltaic panel, battery and LED lamp. The battery is being charged during the day by the photovoltaic panel via solar radiation which becomes current. When the sun starts to fall, the LED lamp automatically turns on and brightens up your place with no energy consumption and therefore saving money and energy.


There are various designs and in different modes such as floods, decorative, path creation, illuminate locally, warning sound, insect repellent, bright in the office etc. 




Our strong team of expert Engineers, research and evaluate the latest technology offerings of solar products, on an ongoing basis in order to offer solutions for different irradiance and climate conditions that will stand the test of time! The solar range of ARIKLIMA presents a complete and comprehensive choice of solar cutting edge technologies.





LED spotlights are directional lamps because of the aluminum wrapper enclosing the led. In this way the light is directed downwards and it does not lose any light (and therefore energy) upwards. Led spotlights have long life and low energy consumption. They can be used in various applications such as bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, showrooms and give the sense of modern style and design.




spots spots

LED bulbs have the shape of traditional lamps. There are three styles of led bulbs: 1) have the heat sink inside 2)have the heat sink outside 3) more luxury lamp that has also the heat sink outside but in more modern shape. Either style can replace the traditional lamp, resulting in lower energy consumption, money saving and product longer life.




tubes tubes


Led tubes comprise the replacement of the fluorescent tubes. Unlike the fluorescent tubes that contain mercury, Led tubes have certification RoHS. Led tubes include many individual leds inside which therefore increases the lumens and the tubes can be also used for bigger applications.


Down Lights


down lightsdown lights

Led Down Lights can easily be installed in a certain fixture of the ceiling. They can be used in many applications such as living rooms, office spaces, showrooms, etc. and they give excellent modern style with low consumption of power and many lumens per light.




strips strips

Led tape lights or strip lights can be installed indoor or outdoor for decoration or for hidden lighting. They can be used at the ceiling or at the furniture with a selection of color; warm white, cool white or multi-colored.





LED Flood Lights can be used similarly to the traditional floods but with extremely lower energy consumption. Usually they can be installed for outdoor purposes and they are waterproof with IP65. The most important advantage compared to the traditional floods, is that they don't emit so much heat and they stay cooler. LED flood lights can be used in various places such as the garden, yard, and garage or for larger applications outside or inside.


Commercial LED


commercial LEDcommercial LED

LED Corn (PL) Light have beam angle 360 o which can provide all the way around light with low energy consumption.By installing LED Corn Lamp you can have brighter spaces, money saving from electric bills while it lasts for longer time compared to traditional lamps.