PV Panels



="font-size: medium;">PV Panels (Solar Modules):

Sunerg Solar PVSUNERG solar modules can be an ideal solution for small or large photovoltaic systems (net metering, net billing, self-production, or even autonomous systems) with high efficiencies, providing exceptional energy yield.SUNERG photovoltaic panels (monocrystalline or polycrystalline) are manufactured in Italy. They are made of very high-quality materials, individually tested to ensure maximum performance and durability.

Description of PV modules: The solar module converts solar energy directly into electricity and is composed of solar cells assembled mechanically.

The crystalline photovoltaic solar cells consist of a layer of semiconductor material, the most common of which is silicon and could be black or blue colour and vary in size from 4 to 6 inches. The crystalline photovoltaic cells are usually arranged in thin flat layers connected to each other, or may be obtained by creating a thin uniform film by spreading material directly on a support thanks to the vacuum technology.

The photovoltaic cell consists of a very delicate material, it is secured at the top by a glass or other transparent material specifically treated. The most used consists of a rectangular panel, often a few millimetres, with an area of between 0.1 and 3 m2, some kg weight, with different benefits depending on the quality of the cells used in its manufacturing technology.

The photovoltaic module can be either  monocrystalline (usually Black colour) (if the used cell is made from a wafer whose crystal structure is homogeneous (single crystal)) or  poly  (usually Blue colour) (in which the wafer above is not structurally homogeneous but locally organized in grain ordered).