''Employment, Human Capital and Social Cohesion.''

''Enterprise Grant for replacing low productivity jobs, with jobs of high productivity.''


Our company, in November 2010, tabled a proposal for funding of its new business plan, as part of the contract "Enterprise Grant for replacing low productivity jobs, with jobs of high productivity", published by the Productivity Centre of Cyprus.

After a competitive evaluation, the proposal was approved for funding and Arimec Installations Ltd started the project, on January 2012, which will last for 18 months.

The project provided for the reorganization of the company and the development of a new Solar Energy Department. Our company, recognizing the trends and needs of the market, chose to invest in renewable energy and particularly in the solar one, which is a sustainable source of energy, especially in Cyprus.

The company proceeded in the creation of a special area in its existing warehouse, in the industrial area of Dali, which will allow ARIMEC to combine the mechanical installations of its customers with the most modern and efficient solar systems, aiming towards energy saving and becoming as independent as possible from petrol, gas and electricity.


The main short-term objective of the business plan is the reformation of the company in order to enhance ARIMEC’s competitiveness and to develop specific competitive advantages in the market. The company would proceed with the development of a new department, which will import, assemble and then install integrated solar systems of the latest technology. The creation of the new department will initially aim at the introduction and installation of solar systems, but there is provision for the development of new business systems and investment in other renewable energy methods (photovoltaics, solar cooling, etc.).

This new department would also provide installation services and maintenance of the equipment. Short term goals are directly related and intertwined with the medium and long term objectives of the company, which are the constant development of the competitiveness and the greatest possible involvement of ARIMEC with renewable energy.

Under the plan there was also a provision for the upgrade of the company’s software. The software upgrading is designed to enhance management efficiency, improve query management/ support (service order management), management contracts and build customer loyalty (customer loyalty).

The management of the company has noticed a rapid growth prospect of sales of systems using renewable energy sources. This has pushed the administration to develop the idea of a new department, for the assembly and installation of solar systems. Finally, the company will train the entire workforce, in issues pertaining to their work positions.

The interventions proposed were summarized as follows: WP (Work Position) 1) Project Management, WP2) Information and Publicity, WP3) Training, WP 4) Development of a new Department and restructuring of the corporate structure of the company and WP5) Upgrading existing software.


Activity 1: Management and Coordination

The activity of project management is horizontal and will be implemented during the entire project. It includes monitoring the implementation of the Business Plan (BP) and the achievement of the indicators of the project as well as the monitoring of the financials of the project. The work package will be coordinated by a management consultant, who was chosen in the light of its ability to ensure the quality and the sound implementation of BP. The consultant is responsible for the progress reports and the collection of the necessary documents that frame the Progress Reports and Expenditure Reports.

For the proper management of the project, existing staff, employed by the company,will contribute to the smooth and orderly collection of supporting documents required for the preparation of the reports.

Activity 2: Publicity and Information

This action is applied horizontally and covers the entire lifetime of the Project. Its aim is the diffusion of information to customers, partners and subcontractors of the company for the preparation and implementation of the BP under the Grant.

The communication policy of the Company is focused on visibility in target groups, mainly through creating new contacts and partnerships resulting from them. Such target groups are construction companies, public and semi-public organizations, banks and other private enterprises.

Specifically, in the context of this action, a publicity plan has been developed that includes the analysis of target groups, methodology, diffusion tools in order to reach the target groups and the milestones of dissemination activities throughout the project.

Also, the company will develop a special webpage on its website that refers exclusively to the implementation of the BP and which will accessible by all concerned. Additionally, the company will develop / enhance the corporate profile, which will refer to the realization of the BP and the context in which it is implemented. Finally, upon completion of the BP the company will organize an information day where we will invite existing and potential customers and associates to learn about the final results of the implementation of the BP.

Activity 3: Training and development of the Human resources

Under Action 3, a number of the company's employees will receive training on their job duties. The principal themes suggested for training are: 1) Training of administrative staff in the new, upgraded, software, 2) developing skills for the using of the new Customer Relationship Management software, 3) Marketing, 4) Safety and Health at Work. Finally, the company will provide training to the engineers on the specialized software Polysan.

Activity 4: Development of new Departments

The new Solar Energy Department that has been created, will undertake the import, assembly and installation of complete solar systems. The company's management has already evaluated products and systems from several European suppliers and concluded with REGULUS.

The new marketing department has been staffed by existing personnel who has both technical and marketing/management skills. The establishment of the new department will come to fill the gaps, on marketing issues, offers and promotions and will strengthen the company's presence in the Cyprus market.

By reconstructing the corporate structure it is expected to enhance business productivity and operation of the company will be normalized. It is assumed that the administrative structure will shield with new accounting / management software and human resources that will be prepared properly to successfully implement the new changes.

Activity 5: Upgrade of software

In order to improve the services provided by the company and to better record requests for maintenance / technical support and management of contracts, the company will install a new customer management software (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP). This software program will enhance the overall operational effectiveness of the company, it will improve the management of customer requests, and it improves contract management while enhancing and customer loyalty. The software will come to fill the gap observed and to eliminate any problems encountered so far in the operation of the company. All management staff of the company will be trained in the new software.

Moreover, the company will upgrade the existing specialized software Polysan which is utilized in designing integrated solar systems, in order to gain greater suppleness in achieving and accomplishing such systems.