Solar Cooling can be achieved using solar power through passive solar, solar-thermal energy and/ or photovoltaic conversion.

This is also a very eco-friendly and energy-saving method of cooling and air conditioning which minimizes the costs.

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Sunerg is an internationally leading company based in Italy, specialized in the fields of photovoltaic and solar thermal systems. 

- Can be used to cool and optionally to heat (in heat pump mode) offices and commercial properties, technical facilities. 
- Low and variable input temperatures (from 55 to 95°C) can be used to produce chilled water in a temperature range from 8°C up. 
- Easy integration and control of several units, connectable in cascadeupto 70 kW. 
- Virtually free ofnoise, no vibration, minimal installation area.
- Ideal for use in combination with CHPs, solarthermalplants, district heating and industrial waste heat. Integrated controls, also for external components (e.g. recooler) with optimum control management. 
- Chance of remote control. 
- Various recooling solutions.

- Reduces operating costs up to 90% reduction in power requirements when compared with electrical refrigeration units.
- Lower maintenance expenditures and long service lives since purely physical processes are used.
- Environmentally conscious clean technology, thanks to the use of eco-friendly, non-toxic substances such as silica gel, and water as the refrigerant.
- Large reduction in CO2 emissions.
- Versatile and easy to use can be linked to conventional chilled water distribution systems.
- Simple handling and flexible installation with the compact design, requiring only a little space.
- No refrigeration technician’s license required; no special occupational safety precautions needed.

Easy to use, environmental-friendly, cost-effective!