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First of all, let’s see what are air curtains

They are simple indoor units with strong fans. They blow a controlled stream of air. This stream is across a whole opening, to create an air seal. Therefore, air curtain separates different temperature environments. Simultaneously they allow a smooth, uninterrupted flow of traffic via the opening. The purpose of installing   air curtains is to contain heated or conditioned air in the area. As a result, they create great energy savings. In addition they increase human comfort. Especially when they are used in commercial even industrial buildings. Furthermore, they help to prevent the infiltration of pollutants and even flying insects.

How an air curtain works

As it has electric motor, it needs electricity to work. When we switch it on, then air is brought into the unit through the intake side. The air then enters the fan housing. Simultaneously the motor accelerates the air. As a result, this fast-moving air goes into the front discharge nozzle of the unit. Finally, this fast air goes down to the full length of the opening, thus creating an air curtain.

Benefits of using an air curtain

Firstly, we get great energy savings as described above. Reason is the shorter run times of the air conditioner.

Secondly, we have less flying insects’ infiltration.

Thirdly, we have smooth human traffic flow. In addition, the visibility across the opening is great.

Some applications are the following

Factories and Lobby rooms. Then in schools and offices entrances. Furthermore, in cafeterias and restaurants. Even in airports and hospitals. The list can be endless. We use Nanyoo air curtains among others.


Air curtains effectively prevent air or contaminants from moving from one space to another. This can save lots of energy while keeping entrance areas climate protected and comfortable. An air curtain creates an invisible air barrier over the doorway to separate two different environments. By applying an air curtain can reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 80%!

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