Design radiators towel rails

Overview of  design radiators towel rails (towel warmers) in Cyprus

In Cyprus we don’t not have very low temperatures for many days of the year. We need use heating systems though. For inside mostly and sometimes for outdoor use too.  We have the best  design radiators and  towel warmers in Cyprus! For outdoor heaters we use electric ones. They use infrared radiant heating. They are very practical easy to install and almost no maintenance. For indoor use we provide design ratiators and towel rails. They are working with hot water or electricity. Depending on the chosen model of course.

We have many design radiators for all kinds of residences. For example we have radiators suitable for modern houses but same time we have heaters for traditional ones. Solutions are plenty. Firstly we provide the sellection catalogue and then you can choose your style.


Design Radiators Towel Rails

Our supplier Radox, produces high quality design radiators. Many models with stylish appearance!

Simultaneously  they produce nice special towel warmers . In many designs and colors!

Therefore you can have amazing results. In our range there are hunderds of options and solutions.  Modern design and high efficiency !

Suitable for either modern spaces and luxury buildings .Even traditional houses. The result is fantastic !

Many models can work both with water and electricity.

Customer can order almost any colour wants. And we accept orders from 1 pc only!

Our radiators are made in Europe. They all have 10 years limited warranty from the factory.

Design Radiators and towel Rails Family:

Design Towel Rail Apollo

Towel rail bathroom radiator

Towel Rail Scala

Towel rail bathroom radiator scala

Modern Radiator Nova Black

design radiator nova

Impressive Radiator Nova White

design radiator nova radox

Aramis chrome warmer

Towel rail bathroom radiator

Flat style Towel Rail Serene

Towel warmer

Compact Towel Rail Quebis

Towel rail bathroom radiator

Aztec towel warmer

Towel rail bathroom radiator

Circle towel warmer

Towel rail bathroom radiator

Design Towel Rail Serene

Design radiator radox

Wall radiator Wave style

Wall radiatorn modern design

Electric Element Heater MOA

electric element for heaters



Radiators & Towel Rails

Our Brands : RADOX made in Eu. 10 years warranty!!!