Importance of air Purifiers

Air Purifiers remove contaminants from the air inside the room. These can be dust or mould. Furthermore, can be smoke even particles, not to forget other dangerous gases too.  As a result Air Purifiers primarily ensure indoor air quality.

Applications you can use them : Firstly in areas with people sensitive to air quality. Like elderly, childern, sick people etc. Furthermore you can use them in houses, shops and offices. Moreover, in all kinds of workspaces. They can be used even in large areas like supermarkets, hotels, restaurants etc.

Air pollution

Big part of the world’s population lives exposed to high levels of environmental pollution.  As a result more than 7 million have premature deaths. This is  according to the World Health Organization. Traffic, Dust and industry  are responsible for the poor air we breathe. In Cyprus dust has become a very serious issue. Therefore the usage of air purifiers is necessary in many cases.

This pollution has an even worse effect on the air quality of our homes. Moreover, in our workplaces. Even in hotels and restaurants. Polluting agents such as dust, pollen, viruses, moulds, or bacteria enter our respiratory system. This is  on a daily basis and they are tremendously harmful to our health. So Therfore we need clean indoor air. Because it’s proven that breathing clean air helps maintain a healthy, long, and happy life.

Our Air Purifiers

HORIZON air purifiers combine both electrostatic and mechanical filtration systems. They are capable of filtering a great volume of air. Operation is  almost silently. Furthermore,  their energy consumption is very low.

They are equipped with HEPA filters. Moreover they have active carbon too. Apart from them they have both  ionizer and UV light. As a result they are able to reduce air pollution by 99,97 %!  In addition they are eliminating particles up to 1 μm!! Therfore, bacteria, virus, fungi, mites, pollen and dust particles are kept on the filters. Thus the indoor air quality is healthy and comfort.

HORIZON AIR devices are armed with a PC2.5 particle sensor. So they rae capable of analysing the air quality on the spot . Thus being able to self-adjust the cleaning parameters for a more efficient and effective sanitation.