Grilles and Diffusers

What air grilles and diffusers are?

Grilles and Diffusers are special perforated products that air passes through. Usually, we use them on for either heating or cooling systems. Furthermore, we use them in ventilation plants. Finally, usage of them can be done in any combination of above.

Materials of grilles and diffusers (air terminals)

Usually, they are made of aluminium. But many times, manufacturers use other materials too. Like steel or wood even plastic and ABS. Another not so common material used is stainless steel. In Cyprus the most popular material is painted aluminium. Clients can choose almost any colour they like. We have the ability to paint them with special paints that last for many years.

Where we install these grilles and diffusers

Duct installers use the grilles and diffusers on the ducts as the last point of their systems. So, they can supply or return the air from the conditioned and /or ventilated area. Installers many times use dampers in combination with the grilles. This gives them the ability to control better the volume of the treated air. We even install grilles on walls and ceilings . Many times, in front or behind air conditioning units or fans. Their operation is to make possible and nice the supply and return of the air in the conditioned area.

Choosing size and type of air terminals

There are hundreds of sizes and many types. It is very important to choose correct size and type of grille. Firstly, to achieve correct amount of the air. Secondly to get the correct distribution in the area. In addition, special attention must be given to the velocity of the air. Otherwise, the result can be noisy and not comfortable for the occupants. We have special software to calculate the correct size and type of the air terminals.


In modern world grilles and diffusers are used in most of the buildings. From hotels and restaurants to houses and offices. Wherever there is a fan or a hidden air conditioning system we have grilles installed. So, they are popular. They have important role not only for the distribution of the air, but also for the appearance  in the place installed.

Linear grilles
Double and single deflection grilles
Slot and swirl diffusers
Square grilles and diffusers
Louvers and return grilles
Floor and door grilles
Egg crates and access doors accessories



Grilles & Diffusers

Our brands for grilles and diffusers are mainly from Italy (Brofer, MP3) . In addition we have grilles from Ukraine Greece China Lebanon etc.