electric infrared heaters

Overview of electric infrared heaters  in Cyprus

In Cyprus we don’t not have very low temperatures for many days of the year. We need use heating systems though. For inside mostly and sometimes for outdoor use too.  We have the best electric heaters design radiators towel rails in Cyprus! For outdoor heaters we use electric ones. They use infrared radiant heating. They are very practical easy to instrall and almost no maintenance. For indoor use we provide design ratiators and towel rails. They are working with hot water or electricity. Depending on the chosen model of course.

Infrared Heaters for Outdoor and Indoor use

Applications: HORECA (hotels, restaurants, and catering), Industrial Heating, Open Areas, Garages, Warehouses Houses

Local warming


With infrared heaters, you can heat only the areas you need, only for the time you actually need to.
They use the heat-radiating properties of infrared rays. Just like the sun, infrared rays move through the air and heat the objects exposed to them. The heat thus remains localized only in the areas where it’s effectively required and does not disperse up towards ceilings or towards openings.

Infrared Outdoor and Indoor space heaters

Infrared heaters way of function is as follows. They convert electricity into radiant heat. Infrared is part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Therefore, the heat is the similar feeling of warmth as the winter sun on your body. Or similarly is like the heat from a coal fire.

With our infrared heaters, you have many advantages.

Firstly, you can heat only the needed areas. Even more you can use it only for time you actually need to.

Thus you can save lots of energy and simultaneously have better results!

The installation is really simple and fast.

Therefore customers  can save lots of energy. Simultaneously have much better results! On the other hand lets see the cost. Actually the initial cost needed is not that much. So it is affordable for most clients. It is an economical and effective solution for many applications.

They can be used indoors and outdoors. Here we give some examples. List of some applications for infrared heaters:

Primarily they are used in restaurants. Then in cafeterias and other outdoor spaces. Furthermore  they can be used in warehouses, even in garages and similar areas. In addition they are suitable for outdoor heating. Therefor for gardens and other outdoor areas, like verandas patio etc. Even in bathrooms.

In all cases special attention must be given to the safety regulations. Please always use a professional installer. He must  follow all regulations of electricity authority and other local laws. Simultaneously he must see manufacturers recomendations.

Electric air heaters

Outdoor Heater Star

Star Outdoor heater

Heater with radiation

Infrared outdoor heater Heliosa

Outdoor heating

Radiation infrared heater

Air Heater for big areas

Air space heater Thermo

Black electric heater

Black infrared heater

Heater with radiation

Black infrared heater

Outdoor ceiling heater

Black infrared heater 2.4kw

Infrared heater with wifi

Black infrared heater with wifi



Electric Infrared  Heaters

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