Louvers & Returns

Return grille 45

Hinged Return grille

Hinged Return grille 45

ABS Plastic Return 45

External Weather Louver

Round External Louver A

Round Weather Louver B

Egg External Louver

Gravity shutters

Small External Louver

Small gravity shutter

Plastic grilles MV a

External Weather Louver

Plastic grilles MV b

Plastic diffuser PF

Plastic door grilles MV

A grille is a vent cover through which air is blown into or out of a room for circulation back to the cooling / heating or just ventilating  unit.

Louvers are  usually installed on external walls and are weatherproof (they dont allow rain to go inside the building). Return grilles are  used in any kind of receirculation of air (usualy on return side )

Material can be aluminium, stainless steel or wood or ABS even steel. We keep in stock most aluminium and plastic grilles .

Our brands for grilles and diffusers are mainly from Italy (Brofer, MP3) . In addition we have grilles from Ukraine Greece China Lebanon etc.