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Net Metering – Net Billing Systems

Net-metering and Net Billing systems, are both billing arrangements with Electricity Authority of Cyprus (they make written agreement contract), regarding the production and usage of their photovoltaic systems.

Net Metering System:

Consumers who install PV systems on their roof or land, generate electricity and  can export the excess of this to the Electric Utility Grid and use this excess to offset electricity imported from the Grid to the premise during the applicable billing period.

If owner’s consumption exceeds their production, then the consumer will be billed the difference, while in the opposite case, the production surplus is transferred to be used in the following (forthcoming) two-month billing period.

The final clearing will be stated on the last bill of each financial year. Please be aware that if thre is any surplus, it will not be transferred to the next billing year.

Now the maximum installed power allowed per owner is 10kW. Subsidy schemes may apply depending on the system (please contact us for more details about this).