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Advantages of using heat recovery units

Heat Recovery Units are very important nowdays more than ever!

Firstly they save energy. Secondly they can provide with fresh and clean air the building premises. 

Recovery is a method of keeping the air fresh while trapping the heat of a building. Thus we have Heat recovery functions by warming the preheated incoming cool supply air with the outgoing exhaust air. Therefore a large percentage of the heat energy is therefore transferred to incoming supply air by the heat recovery unit.

There are many benefits of Heat Recovery: it is environmental-friendly, cost-efficient, reduces your energy bills, and keeps your house warm and the air fresh and clean.

More about heat recovery units

The quality of the air we breathe inside our homes is often compromised by polluting factors.

So results can be from just  unpleasant to smell or most importantly, can be harmful to peoples health.

Vapors from paints, radon and powders, even alcoholic vapors are just some of the main pollutants that live with us . Reason is we cannot separate them from the air we breathe.

One way  to solve the problem is by opening doors and windows. As a result this is creating a considerable  loss of energy. For both in winter and in summer! Therefore there is  considerable economic expenditure.

So the best solution is using het recovery units. Filtering the exchange air and recovering the maximum thermal energy from it. This will  be re-emitted into the environment. 

So we have as result raising personal well-being. More we creating a further added value to the property which is equipped with hru systems . They save energy so ther is less consumption.

The MVHR – Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery System is an automatic system for continuous operation for air changing: provides to suck air from the service rooms and delivers fresh and filtered in the noble rooms, after recovery most of the heat content in the exhaust air.

By doing so, air quality and temperatures are controlled, by limiting losses due to windows opening and pollutant formation: a poorly ventilated determines a higher moisture content, which favors the formation and concentration of molds, mites, etc.



Heat Recovery Units