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DehumidifieRS benefits

Air dehumidifiers are very usefull for all humid places.

As winter air is often damp, the simpliest way to reduce dampness is to dehumidify the air.

We have complete range of domestic and commercial dehumidifiers. So you can control proper indoor humidity. The result is  that makes people  feel more comfortable. In addition it helps you protect your home.

Reducing the level of humidity in the air, provides you a healthier environment. Moreover it eliminates the problems associated with mold.

Therfore by making dehumidification we can have following results:

  • Prevent mold growth
  • Improve Respiratory Health
  • Decrease allergic reactions
  • Increase Indoor Comfort

Domestic Dehumidifiers

Residential units can be used for all domestic applications. For example in your living room or bedroom.

Usually they are portable. So it is easy to move in the desired room.

They provide a clean and comfortable environment. Many times can be combined with air purification!

Applications and examples where dehumidification is needed:

In domestic sector for example we have a few. Firstly humid basements . Then in humid sopha or other relevant rooms. 

Generally they can be used in any  place the humid exceeds normal levels.

Can be even in bedrooms where there is humid on cold surfaces, due to condensation.

Commercial Dehumidifiers

We offer a variety of humidifiers. These  could be used for various commercial uses. Example  industrial and commercial buildings.

Moreover in  warehouses and other storage rooms,. In addition can be usewd in offices. Then in areas with indoor swimming pools. More applications in  museums, even in  galleries etc.

For commercial sector they are used  in many museums,. Then in hotels (specially if there is indoor pool) . Moreover in pharmaceitical sector, even in storage rooms and many others.

Our suppliers is firstly the world leading manufacturer CALOREX . Then we have LUKO and INVENTOR.



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