Solar Lights

What are Solar Lights

Photovoltaic solar lights produce light by absorbing energy from sun. Therefore, they provide us free renewable energy. They consist firstly of a photovoltaic panel. Then there is a battery which storages the energy. After that we have the led lamps which they produce the light. Moreover, there is the driver which transfers solar energy to electricity. And finally, is the body containing all previous mentioned parts. Usually is made from die cast aluminum, therfore it has long lasting life.

Advantages of Photovoltaic Led Lights with solar energy

There are several reasons why you should these PV led lights. Firstly, you can install them very easy and fast. Secondly the initial cost is low. Moreover the running cost doesn’t exist. Therefore, is one of best solutions for lighting outdoor dark areas. In addition the produced light is strong, as a result of  power led chipsets.

Where you can use our Solar Lights

If you have a garden, then is the first application. You can choose the appropriate solar PV fixtures for your area. Then proceed with simple installation. As a result, you will enjoy nice outdoor light. Second application is any dark outdoor area . Example a dark street , or a pathway without enough light. Our lights will solve your problem fast and easy. Moreover you can use them in holidays houses. As outside is usually dark, specially when no municipal light is near. You can install them in common areas pathways. Furthemore you can use them for safety reasons. As many models produce strong light when you approach them. Reason is they have an infrared sensor. Thus you can keep unwanted intruders away.


Our modern photovoltaic with led lights are the most economical and faster way to light your outdoor dark areas. We have a good variety of different models. Therefore, you can choose the one suitable for your case.


Outdoor Solar Lights WA004

Solar garden Light SUNWA004

Garden Solar Light LA012

Solar garden Light SUNLA012

Outdoor Solar Light LA005

Solar gardenLight SUNLA005

Tall Solar Led fixture CO002

Solar path Light SUNCO002

Duplex Solar Light CO001

Solar garden path Light SUNCO001

Pillar Solar Lights 25S

Solar garden led SUN25S

Pillar Solar Light 10S

Solar garden Light SUN10S

Outdoor Solar Light 15S

Solar Lights SUN15S

Umbrella Solar Light 21SD

Solar street Lights SUN21SD-SLL06

Step Garden Solar Light 06SS

Solar step Lights SUN06SS

Wall Solar Led 04GL

Solar wall Light SUN04GL

Garden Solar Light 03GL

Solar garden Light SUN03GL

Modern Solar Light 01W7

Solar wall Lights SUN01W7

Washer Solar Light 08SL

Solar sign Lights SUN08SL

Area Solar Light 10SD

Solar yard Light SUN10SD

Path Street Solar Light 07S2

Solar street Light STR07S2

Road Solar Light STR19S

Solar Street Light STR19S

Street Solar Light 29S

Solar Street Light STR29S SSL04

Street Solar Lights 06RSL

Solar street Lights SUN06RSL

Flood Solar URANUS

Solar flood Light SUN01M URANUS



Solar Lights

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