We have three kinds of water filters. First and most basic is the simple filter housing. This is the case that holds the filter cartridge. It can be made of special plastic or metals like stainless steel or brass. Usually, they are capable of handling high water pressures. Especially the heavy-duty ones. Plastic filters can be opaque or transparent. Please never use transparent filters outside under sun. Reason is that they make create unwanted bacteria inside.

Secondly, we have the water filter cartridges. These are inside the housings. Their role is to protect and clean the water from many substances. Example they remove soil dust stones hair and many other sediments. From 100microns down to even 0.1 micron, maybe even more! Please be aware that human eye can see things above 40 microns! So we are talking about very high and quality filtration.

Finally, we have the compact filters. These are together housing and cartridges. We cannot separate them. They are installed in line with the water flow. Thus, no hand can touch the cartridge inside. Therefore, we have protection from possible contamination by dirty hands.

Water filters provide clean and healthy water. They effectively remove harmful substances, like heavy metal, chlorine, hydrogen sulphide etc. Even more they may control bacteria growth. In addition, some of them can eliminate or minimize scale.

These filters lead to healthier, better tasting and better smelling water. We offer a wide range of filters and cartridges both for household and commercial needs.



Water filter housings

P603 transparent filters housing

OP603 Opaque filter housing

Heavy duty Inox 800 filter housing

Commercial Inox Filter Box

Water filter cartridges

FA Wounded Cartridge Sediment

PP Cartridge to remove Sediment

CE Carbon & Sediment Cartridge

CP Polyphosphates Cartridge

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