Kinds of Jet Diffusers:

Classic Jet Diffuser

Jet Nozzle KV

Jet Nozzle with damper

Jet Nozzle with Damper

Panel with Jet Nozzles

Drum Jet Diffuser

Circular Duct Nozzles

ABS Plastic Jet Diffuser

Kinds of Rounds Grilles & Diffusers:

Circular Diffusers

Disc Valves Classic

ABS Plastic Disc Valves

Supply Disc Valves

Circular Diffusers

Panel Round Diffusers

Circles Diffuser

ABS Cones Diffuser

Circular Louvers

ABS Circular Diffusers

Round Diffusers

ABS Round Diffusers

Our brands for grilles and diffusers are mainly from Italy (Brofer, MP3) . In addition we have grilles from Ukraine Greece China Lebanon etc.