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Kitchen ventilation addresses with the problems of grease, smoke, and odours.

Restaurant kitchens often use large extractor hoods which need special fans to handle the smoke and the high temperatures

Kitchen ventilation equipment includes an extractor hood or canopy, and a filtering system. The system’s fan may on the roof (most common) or inline (duct type) . Usually backward blades are used for this type of fans.

Jet Smoke axialfans and Induction centrifugal fans  are designed for general purpose ventilation of underground and semiopened parkings, smoke extraction in case of fire as a part of smoke extract system. The fans generate a high-speed and high-pressure directed air jet. Usually Temperatures of the transported medium: in continuous operation up to +55 °C; in smoke extraction mode: 300 °C/2 hrs and 400 °C/2 hrs.



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