4-way Ceiling Diffusers

4-way ceiling diffusers

4-way diffuser AQN 4WD-H_1

Panel square diffuserl

4-way diffuser ON PANEL AQNP 4WD-W_1

4-way with 3slots

4-WAY flat diffuser AQNT 4WD-D KNP_1

4-way ceiling diffusers


ABS 4-way diffusers

abs plastic 4way diffuser 4WP-A_1

Plastic 4way diffuser

ABS Square ceiling grille 4WP-D_1

3-way ceiling diffuser

3way ceiling diffuser 4WD-G_1

Ceiling bar diffuser


What air 4-way ceiling diffusers

4-way ceiling diffusers are the most common grilles for ceiling installation. They have an excellent four-way air distribution, therefore they are very popular among designers

Materials of 4-way grilles and ceiling diffusers

Most of the time they are made of aluminium. Moreover, they can be steel or wood even plastic and ABS. Another not so common material used is stainless steel. In Cyprus the most popular material is painted aluminium. Lately the most famous colour is RAL 9016 (white) Clients can choose almost any colour they like. We can paint them with special paints.

Types and models of square ceiling diffusers

As mentioned most common is the 4-way diffuser. But there are various other types and models. Like square diffusers with slots. Most of the times is one or two slots. Then we can have 3-way or 2-way, even 1-way ceiling diffuser. These blow the air on 3 or 2 or 1 direction accordingly.

Sizes availability of 4-way diffusers

There are 6 sizes as standard in this type of grilles. These are the following: Firstly, is 150x150mm, then 225x225mm. Moreover, we have 300×300 and 375×375. In addition, the best-selling model is 450×450. Finally, you can have 525×525 and even 600x600mm. All above are neck sizes. Please don’t confuse them with the outer dimension which can vary according to manufacturer.

Conclusion for square ceiling diffusers

You can use these grilles when air supply from ceiling is needed. They have they advantage that they can through the air in any direction. Moreover, they can handle huge quantities of supply and return air. Simultaneously, if chosen correctly they keep the noise level very low. Of course, is always important to choose the correct size and model according to manufacturers data. Special software gives the engineers fast and accurate solutions.

Our brands for grilles and diffusers are mainly from Italy (Brofer, MP3) . In addition we have grilles from Ukraine Greece China Lebanon etc.