Drinking Filter Set Logico Aqcua

Oceano Drinking Filter

Oceano Drinking Filter Set Drinkit

Drinking Filter Set FTLine 2

Drinking Filter Set FT Line 3

Filter Set FT Line VE

Countertop CTO Filter Paragon

Sediment and odours filter Orfeas

Doulton EcoFast Filter

Ultracarb Water Filter

Carbon Cartridge Filter

Water purifiers are modular systems that treat water with the use of water filters.

They protect against harmful organisms, remove toxic metals and impurities. Usually they consist of Sediment and Carbon filters and some of them have Ultrafiltration too.

Water purifiers therefore provide cleaner, healthier and tastier water.

Notes for the water filters :
Avoid use of unsafe water. We always prefer the use of fresh municipal water. For well water  and other unknown waters  needs special attention. Chemical and microbiological analysis must be done regular.
Regular replacement of filters is required, as per manufacturers instructions Use of UV systems where we are not sure of quality. The installation must be as  close to consumption as possible (usually under kitchen sink).
For any doubts or questions pls contact us 22460240 or info@arimec.eu

Our brands for domestic and commercial drinking water purifiers: (Oceano by Bevko Waterline -made in Italy- Puricom Europe – Ecowater USA , Ariklima Cy