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Smay s Vents control system SCD (smoke and heat vents) are used in public buildings, warehouses, production facilities, etc. They are designed for installation on flat roofs with a slope up to 15°.

SCD vents’ main function is extraction of smoke and hot toxic gases occurring during fire in under-ceiling space. SCD vents openable flaps are filled with translucent materials.  Therefore the vents are roof skylights in the same time. Another SCD function is a periodic room ventilation, which requires use of additional gear.
The priority function of SCD vents is in each case the smoke exhaust function. The use of SCD vents allows, among other things, to lower the fire resistance class of the building, enlarge the permissible fire zones, extend escape routes.

Smoke Vents Control-Safety way

Smay is a leader in Smoke and Heat control in Europe .The iSWAY-FC® product set is intended to generate and maintain positive pressure in protected spaces to prevent smoke accumulation. All iSWAY-FC® units have compact structure, enabling quick access to the inner part of the device in order to carry out maintenance service. The units are provided with a rugged housing, resistant to adverse weather factors, and may be installed at virtually any location at the building, i.e. on the roof, in technical rooms, etc.

The purpose of the iSWAY-FC® unit is to generate positive pressure in the stairwell space, lift shaft or fire stop lobby, having a specific value relative to the fire-engulfed area. The iSWAY-FC® units can also be used to control pressure in the ducts supplying air to the enclosures, each having its own differential pressure sensor. The generation of the requested positive pressure, when the protected space is closed (typically ca. 50 Pa), and ensuring appropriate air flow speed through the open door connecting the protected and unprotected space (typically in the region of 0.75–2 m/s), prevents smoke and hot fire gas infiltration to the protected space. The air may be supplied to the protected space from a single air supply point, or from multiple points.

Our brands for Fire and Smoke Vents Control: Dynair of Maico Italia , Polish company leader in Europe Smay , German Blauberg