Up to 70% of the human body is water!

Every day we consume 2 to 3 litres of water, which is our principal component and our principal food.
It takes part of the food transport, in the constitution of our cells, the regulation of the body temperature, the lubrication of our articulations, the elimination of harmful substances and some other functions.


So it is very important to install suitable systems in our premises, to obtain good quality water for our family and our guests. Both for domestic and  commercial use we need to provide fresh, soft, and safe water especially if it is for drinking purposes or using it in the sanitary ware of the building.

Arimec offers a complete variety of high quality products and services for complete water treatment for both domestic and commercial, even industrial use. Water filters, softeners, reverse osmosis, sterilization systems, water dispensers, water heaters etc. Focusing on after sales service and clients support from 2003, we are one of the water treatment leaders in Cyprus.