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What is a heat pump?

A heat pump is a device that transfers thermal energy from air to an indoor area. So, we use it for heating our premises. A heat pump can be used for cooling areas too. In this case it transfers heat from inside the building to the outside. Therefore, the result is cooling the building.

Why use a heat pump in Cyprus?

Firstly because of their very high efficiency. Secondly cause of the spread of the use of photovoltaic systems in Cyprus. They are working with electricity and a high performance (high COP – Coefficient of Performance-). With 1 kWh of usage of electricity energy, they can provide up to 6 kWh of thermal energy into the building.

How does heat pump works:

The whole process is based on the refrigeration cycle. In heating mode, a refrigerant at outside temperature is being compressed. As a result, the refrigerant becomes hot. This thermal energy can be transferred to a central heating system. After being moved outdoor again, the refrigerant is decompressed. It has lost some of its thermal energy and returns colder than the environment. It can now take up the surrounding energy from the air. Afterwards  the process repeats

Few more advantages :

– The utilisation of natural, inexhaustible energy sources

– Emission-free

– Efficient: up to 75 per cent of the energy comes from the environment, only 25 per cent must be added in the form of electricity

– Can be used for cooling in summer

– Simple high-value technology with low maintenance and a long service life


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