Good quality drinking water filters are not a luxury but a necessity!

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Best drinking water filters in Cyprus

Human body consists mainly of water. Therefore, quality drinking water filters are necessary. Thus, we can get pure while safe and clean water for drinking purposes. Even more for other usages too like in beverage drinks and much more.

By installing a water purifier, you can enjoy the benefits of clean, safe, and pure water. A water purifier can make a big difference in the water you drink and use daily. The result is we can have good water with reduced containments or imbalances in the water. For example, firstly sediment, then chlorine and other odours. Finally get rid of any bacteria.

At our shop, you can find a range of water purifiers. These are from 1-stage filtration up to 5-stage filtration systems. Furthermore, we have reverse osmosis systems. Therefore, you can have an a more advance water treatment.

A small description of the kinds of drinking water filters. Firstly, and simpler is in line filters. These are capturing sediments and odours. Secondly, we have higher filtration rate purifiers. These may have silver and even ultrafiltration cartridges. The result is even better and much more clean water. Finally, we have reverse osmosis systems. These are combined with various in line filters. Thus, the produced water is pure and safe.

Great attention must be given to maintenance of the water filters. Manufacturer’s instructions shall be followed. Otherwise, there is a risk. The quality of the produced water may not be good and safe.

Usually, the filters need be replaced every 6 months. Sometimes even earlier, if needed. Many of them can be replaced every year.

If the supplied water is of uncertain quality, then better avoid it. Specially if is from well water. In this case  chemical and microbiological analysis, must be done frequently.

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