Clamps for pipes & ducts

Springler Hangers

Beam Clamps

G Clamps for ducts



Threaded Rods


Double thread screws

Rawl Plugs Rawl Bolts

Self drilling screws

Nylon plugs

Nylon Camps_Cable Ties

Metal Clamps

Aluminum tapes

PVC tapes

With fixed bars, usually (but bot always)  parallel to the long dimension, linear bar grilles are a popular choice for continuous or perimeter applications. Linear bar grilles are suitable for all supply or return ceiling, sidewall, floor and sill applications. 

Material can be aluminium, stainless steel or wood or ABS even steel. We keep in stock most aluminium and plastic grilles and some wood models.



Fixing & Fastening

We have a big range of fixing items like c channels brackets clamps nuts bolts nylon plugs cable ties etc. Our range is focused on plumbers’ needs and mostly for mechanical installations. Heavy-duty clamps with rubber (and without if needed), light-duty clamps with the nail, clips, anchors, screws tapes aluminium and PVC with strong glue, etc ( ραγιες, ολόπασα, κλιπς με λαστιχα, βιδες, ροδέλλες, τέλλες αλουμινιου και PVC κλπ)