Electric Water Heaters

Electric Water Heaters provide a fast and economical solution for hot water. Either for residential or commercial usage. Most of them are small, therefore they can fit easily in many places.

We have two kinds of these hot water producers. Firstly, are the instant electric ones and secondly are the electric storage water tanks. Instant heaters are tankless.

Nowadays many people have photovoltaic systems on their roof. Therefore, they prefer using electricity to heat the water. As consequence the usage of this method of heating the water, is the solution.

You can use them in endless applications. Example in kitchens for fast production of hot water. Another application is for servicing the bathrooms. Moreover, you can install them for commercial plans. On one hand could be good solution for gym rooms, restaurants and cafeterias. On the other hand, they can solve the hot water production in offices and warehouses.

By using electric water heaters, you can save energy and water. As they produce only the needed water. So, you avoid heating up huge tanks, thus spending lots of money. Therefore, the choice of electric water heaters is maybe the most economical solution.

In Arimec we have a big range of water heaters. For instant heaters we start from 3kw up to 24 kw inverter type. We have both single and three phase models. On the other hand, for storage heaters, we have a series from 10lt, up to 100lt. Moreover, we have Under sink and over sink options.


Electric Water Heaters Kospel EPS2.P- 4,4_5,5

Instant Water Heaters Kospel EPS2- 3,5_4,4_5,5

Simple Instant Water Heater Kospel EPO2- 3_4_5_6

Inverter Instant Water Heater EPME 5,5_9

Best Water Heater Kospel KDE5

Instant Water Heater JNOD XFJ FDCH

Slim Instant Heater JNOD XFJ FSG

Simple Instant Heater JNOD XFJ KH

Storage water heater Gemake

Storage water heater Gemake

Economy storage water heater Baxi

Electric storage water heater Tesy



Water Heaters


Water Heaters

Our brands for instant heaters are: Kospel , Jnod , Solcore , Thermitron.

Our brands for electric storage heaters: Gemake, Tesy, Baxi.