4-way Ceiling Diffusers

4-way ceiling diffuser

4-way diffuser on panel

4-way with 3slots

4-way with 1slot

ABS ceiling diffuser

Plastic 4way diffuser

3-way ceiling diffuser

Ceiling bar diffuser

Most of the 4 way ceiling diffusers are made of aluminum and usually available in 6sizes (150×150 / 225×225/ 300×300/ 450×450/ 525×525/ 600×600), the Square Ceiling Diffuser 4-Way is the visible part of the air conditioning system that is mounted in the ceiling of a residential or commercial building.

Material can be aluminium, stainless steel or wood or ABS even steel. We keep in stock most aluminium and plastic grilles and some wood models.

Our brands for grilles and diffusers are mainly from Italy (Brofer, MP3) . In addition we have grilles from Ukraine Greece China Lebanon etc.