1. Purpose

Our company ARIMEC Trading Ltd (referred to as “we”, “us”, “our”, or “Arimec”) recognises the importance of personal data and electronic transaction security. It is of the utmost importance to us to protect and safeguard them by taking all necessary technical measures and complying with the current legislation.

The trust of our customers, employees, associates and suppliers, as well as the public, is of particular importance to us. In order to maintain this trust, we process personal data in a secure manner and in accordance with the applicable law.

The purpose of this policy is to inform the data subjects, including our existing or potential customers, our employees, our associates and suppliers, of the data collected in order to service them and provide information related to offers, new products and new services. Through this policy, data subjects can be informed about their rights in accordance with applicable law.

Under this policy:

“Personal Data” is any information through which an individual can be identified.

“Personal Data Processing” is any action taken using personal data, such as collecting them, storing them, using them and disclosing them to third-party affiliates who undertake the management of personal data in the name and on our behalf in order to achieve a particular business purpose.


We acknowledge that the existence of clear guidelines for the proper use of personal data is an integral part for the proper operation of the company and is strictly necessary to safeguard the personal data we manage and may involve existing or potential customers, employees, associates and suppliers. That’s why Arimec:

  • is committed to protecting the data of our existing or potential customers, employees, associates and suppliers,
  • Manages only those data that are necessary for legitimate business purposes,
  • provides individuals with information about the use of their data and how to exercise their rights,
  • uses personal data for the benefit of individuals,
  • complies with the applicable regulatory and legislative requirements.

Based on these principles, regarding the security of personal data, the following apply:

Collection and processing
We collect and process personal data in a lawful manner and in accordance with the applicable law. The personal data that are collected and processed are absolutely necessary for the intended purpose and there is clear information to the subjects about the purpose of collecting and processing their data and also about their rights.

We have created various information channels for the personal data subjects, in order to always provide clear and complete information to the subjects for the purpose of processing their personal data. Through these information channels, data subjects receive clear information, beyond the purpose of the processing. and for any third-party recipients of their data who, in the context of serving the intended purpose, act in the name and on behalf of Arimec. Customers can access the relevant information through our website.

Data Processing Administration
We provide the subjects with the ability to manage their personal data and manage the form of processing they want, if they so wish. We provide, in accordance with the applicable law and the transactional relationship that is linked with the data subjects, the possibility for the subjects to consent or to withdraw their consent on a case-by-case basis.

Usage and retention period
We use the data of the subjects solely for purposes related to our business activities and according to our values. In any case, the use of the data is limited solely to the purpose for which it was collected. We can make use of your data to inform you about offers, new products, new services and everything else that is relevant to the operation and organization of our company.
The retention time of the data is determined in consideration of the purpose for which it has been collected and the legislation in force. We do not maintain data for a longer period of time than is required either on the basis of the transactional relationship linking the data subject to us or under the applicable law.

Security measures
We have taken all the appropriate technical measures to safeguard your personal data. It provides limited access only to those employees and associates that are necessary to be provided with access to the data. We take all necessary measures to prevent any unauthorized access, use or modification of such data. We comply with the current legislation and we have implemented procedures for data protection.

Updated data
We always strive to ensure that the personal data we process is always up to date, complete and relevant to the purpose of the processing being performed.

Access to data
Only authorised employees are allowed access to data. We work with third-parties for communication, advertising and information purposes where personal data is disclosed if required. We ensure that these companies have all the necessary organizational and technical means for data protection and that they have informed and committed their employees about the confidentiality of these data.

Exercise of rights
Data subjects have the rights provided by the applicable law. Arimec may oppose the exercise of certain rights if this is required by law or a court order.


Link to other websites
Through our site we may provide links to other companies’ websites. We are not liable to users for any personal data leakage due to the use of third-party products and services on linked from our website.