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Advantages of Shingled Solar Panels

Advantages of Shingled Solar Panels

The power generation is 15% higher than that of conventional solar panels.

For the same power output, the floor space is reduced by about 8%

Technical information

The shingled module is designed with a parallel and series circuit structure. 

The battery string runs along the short side of the module.

 Vertically installed components are more likely to accelerate snow melting when snow is covered, reduce covering time and increase power generation.

The front side of the shingled component is not covered by conventional welding tape, the structure is simple. As a result, the appearance is more beautiful. At the same time, it is easier to find defects in appearance quality and facilitate operation and maintenance.

Conclusion for Shingled solar panels:

With shingled photovoltaic systems you get more power!  Shingled solar panels are much more durable and stable. Thus the warranty is much better and longer! The aesthetic appearance is also much better. As a result, you can have a nicer roof. They need less space for the same power installed. Now they are in stock for the power of 400w and 410w 

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